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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Recommended Reading from Author Tamora Pierce

For some reason, Tamora Pierce has a list of recommended reading for homeschoolers on her web site. It's geared toward teens planning on college.


The best part? You have to scroll to the bottom for the list of authors/books Ms. Pierce included out of a sense of obligation but doesn't actually like. Surely you'll find something there that you were forced to read and didn't enjoy. (For me, it's The Pearl by John Steinbeck.)

And it just goes to show that you never know where you're going to run into homeschooling....


  • At 8:00 AM, Blogger Karen E. said…

    For me, it was Moby Dick. But, I can't believe she included The Great Gatsby on that list! Ack! I love Gatsby.


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